Worryless Worry

An increasing number of young people are struggling with anxiety. What’s causing our young people to worry so much from such a young age? We may question what they have to worry about, but in fact young people are being exposed to so much information, in the form of social media, negative relationships, TV entertainment, etc, which they don’t have the maturity to handle. Anxiety is normal and will arise in everyone’s lives, so this programme will enable young people to learn what worry is and how to manage it effectively.

  • Psychoeducation – What is worry? Why do I worry? Is this normal?
  • What does worry look like? – symptoms and behaviours
  • Talking back to anxiety – Where’s the line when this becomes a problem? What should I do? How long will it take?
  • Interventions – worry management, graded exposure, panic stations
  • Tips and tricks – mindfulness, Socratic questioning, etc.
  • Relapse Management