Introducing….WONDER BOX!

    30% off your first WONDER BOX - use code WONDER30

    Join us in our journey to enable our children to take wellbeing into their own hands with our monthly wellbeing subscription box WONDER BOX.

    Each WONDER BOX contain 8 activities for your child around the pillars of:

    • MINDdesigned to help them use their minds in a positive manner
    • PHYSICALhealthy bodies, healthy minds!
    • CURIOSITYto keep them learning and growing
    • CONNECTIONrelationships are at the heart of everything

    Each activity is designed to actively help our children think about their wellbeing and to support you in enabling them to be stronger, more confident, empowered young people.

    Upcoming Month’s Wonder Box Theme: Emotional Resilience (September)
    Last Month’s Wonder Box Theme: Confidence (August)

    WONDER BOX is suitable for ~7-13 year olds

    How does it work?

    • Boxes are posted on the 1st of each month
    • Payments are taken on the date of your subscription each month
    • We offer 2 types of subscription boxes – the standard WONDER BOX and a SIBLING WONDER BOX for siblings.
    • You can cancel anytime, free of charge (but we’re sure you won’t need to because you and your children will love the activities we’ve put together)
    • We offer referral discounts too! For every referral that subscribes to the WONDER BOX, we’ll give you and your referral a 50% refund off your next box. Just ask them to pop your name in additional details when signing up, or contact us on for your voucher.
    • As we are continually trying to perfect these boxes, please give us feedback on how you found it, any changes you would suggest, or any other ideas you may have.

    30% off your first WONDER BOX - use code WONDER30

    The Journey

    The reason I started working on WONDER BOX was that I found that parents were struggling to afford therapy for their kids. It doesn’t help that we’re in a difficult financial time right now. At the same time, kids always need some fun activities, stuff to play with, and things to occupy their time with. Why not give them something that’s useful to them?

    I wanted to make something that’s engaging for the child, and at the same time something that we (parents, facilitators, youth workers, anyone working with kids really!) knew was beneficial for them. Something that we knew was having a positive long term impact on them. To the children it’s just fun activities, but in reality each of these activities have meaning behind them – meaning designed to help them grow into strong, confident, empowered young people.

    Is this just for children who struggle?

    Not at all. Although that’s where the initial idea came from, the activities are designed with every child in mind. We can see that there is a mental health crisis within young adults – it’s the highest that it’s ever been, and it’s because mental health wasn’t something that was acknowledged when these young people were, well…younger. Now that we know that, we can address that for the next generation by looking at wellbeing early on – in a fun, creative and engaging way.

    About Me

    My name is Sonal. I’m a Child and Adolescent Wellbeing Practitioner with a background in Child Psychology (MSc.) I’ve worked with young people for over 10 years in a variety of settings, from schools, to the NHS CAMHS, to youth and community organisations. I begun Shapes of Tomorrow over the first lockdown, when I realised that children were going to be one of the most impacted age groups of the pandemic due to the social pressures they would face.

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