Wellbeing Club (Warwick) – Sept to Dec ’22

    This club aims to teach young people about how to manage their own wellbeing – skills that are needed in life, but not taught in schools.

    We will have fun, engaging activities and resources that can be taken home and used in the long term.

    • Building emotional resilience
    • Understanding negative thoughts
    • Decision making
    • Managing anxiety
    • Understanding mood
    • Finding purpose
    • Building motivation

    Wellbeing is difficult to manage, even for adults, so let’s give our young people the opportunity to learn these skills while they’re still young, so they are better prepared for their future.

    The workshop will be ran by Sonal Doshi (MBPSs – MSc. Child and Adolescent Psychology) – a Young People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Practitioner.

    For more information contact: sonal@shapesoftomorrow.co.uk / 07505 364 612

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