Up.. Up.. and Away!

For many young people, adolescence is full of insecurity of many kinds. Acting on these insecurities results in low self confidence and low self esteem. Young people observe and accept flaws in themselves very quickly, without attempting to see where they can improve. This programme aims to show individuals that flaws are normal in everyone, however there is a space for flaws but also for accomplishments. Focussing your mind and efforts on building these accomplishments is what will boost your confidence and self esteem.

  • Psychoeducation – What is the difference between self confidence and self esteem? The effects these have on your life.
  • What does confidence/self esteem or lack of, look like? – symptoms and behaviours
  • How do you speak to yourself? – awareness of self talk (positive or negative?)
  • Interventions – communication (verbal/non verbal), setting confidence boosting goals, building confident habits
  • Tips and tricks – how to build yourself to become confident
  • Relapse Prevention