The Lockdown Series – Part 3

    The previous blog discussed the impacts of the constantly changing routines that young people have experienced during lockdown. It is worth noting that some of these indirect impacts may be seen immediately, while others may be seen in the longer term.

    Live Events

    Birthdays, graduations, school dances/shows, loss or sickness of family and friends are just some of the events that young people have had to miss out on this year. This may have caused worry, sadness, grief and fear in many individuals. Moreover, there’s a fear about what the future holds – will things go back to normal? What should I expect? Should I be doing anything? If I’m not taking exams, will I get into a good university, or get a good job? Will it affect my career and my life? Endless questions.. racing thoughts… overwhelming anxiety.

    What can you do?

    These anxieties are all natural and are completely valid given the situation that we are faced with. There is a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds, for everyone. As parents and guardians, we can support our young people by reassuring them and allowing them to process their anxieties with the understanding that their worries are normal. Allowing them to be present in the difficult situation and powering through it using emotional intelligence will even help them build resilience. Communicating effectively and providing emotional support to your young people is vital at this time.

    During this time, we should take extra special care of our children’s wellbeing and be considerate to their difficulties. If you or your child find yourselves struggling and unable to cope, please give us a call and we will support you.

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