WONDER BOX Monthly Subscription

£15.00 / Month

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Join us in our journey to enable our children to take wellbeing into their own hands with our wellbeing WONDER BOX.

Each WONDER BOX contain 8 activities, designed around the pillars of MIND, BODY, CURIOSITY and CONNECTION. These are designed to actively help our children think about their wellbeing and to support you in enabling them to be stronger, more confident, empowered young people.

Next month’s theme is BUILDING EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE, and the 8 activities in WONDER BOX for September are:

  • See Saw (Curiosity)
  • Happiness Tree (Curiosity)
  • Feelings Wheel/Journal (Mind)
  • Reframing Thoughts (Mind)
  • Emoji Game (Physical)
  • Self Control Bubbles (Physical)
  • Role Play (Connection)
  • How to ask for help (Connection)

Understanding emotions is a key skill needed throughout life. It can determine success! Encourage your child with the topic that they’re working on this month by communicating verbally, identifying places where they’ve actioned the topic, or finding situations where they’ve seen it. Encourage your child to learn about and practice healthy emotions. You can do this by increasing emotional vocabulary, learning techniques to harness positive emotions so that when faced with challenges, they can remain positive and persevere.

Enjoy! 🙂

(Boxes will be shipped out on the 1st of every month, next shipment on 1st September. To order our previous box, CLICK HERE)


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