Introducing….WONDER BOX!

    Join us in our journey to enable our children to take wellbeing into their own hands with our monthly wellbeing subscription box WONDER BOX.

    Exam Anxiety

    Support with Exams

      Empowering Your Child:Strategies to Support Exam Anxiety In the journey of education, exams are inevitable milestones that students encounter. While they serve as assessments of knowledge and progress, they can also induce stress and anxiety in many children. As a parent, witnessing your child struggle with exam anxiety can be challenging. However, there are various ways you can support and empower your child through this difficult period. Here are some… Read More »Support with Exams

      Wellbeing Club (Warwick) – Sept to Dec ’22

        SIGN UP NOW! This club aims to teach young people about how to manage their own wellbeing – skills that are needed in life, but not taught in schools. We will have fun, engaging activities and resources that can be taken home and used in the long term. Building emotional resilience Understanding negative thoughts Decision making Managing anxiety Understanding mood Finding purpose Building motivation AND MUCH MORE! Wellbeing is difficult… Read More »Wellbeing Club (Warwick) – Sept to Dec ’22

        Building Emotional Resilience

          Those with strong emotional resilience can look at difficult situations they face and see a challenge and be motivated to tackle it.

          Summer Activities – Nature Scavenger Hunt

            Nature has a unique way of boosting wellbeing. Go for a walk with a parent, sibling or friend and see what you can find in nature. Be observant! There could be more than meets the eye.  Download Here

            Summer Activities – Mistake Masterpiece

              Learn to master your mistakes instead of your mistakes mastering you! Mistakes are often seen negatively; however, they provide a great opportunity to learn and grow in ways that are not straightforward Taking twisting and turning paths to achieve success will happen throughout life – let’s work together to learn those skills now! Download Here


                Exercising the body is exercising the mind.

                Thank You Vs Sorry

                  Have you ever found yourself constantly “sorry”, even for things that are out of your control?

                  The Power of Positive Affirmations

                    What is an affirmation?

                    Affirmations are positive statements that can help overcome negative thoughts. They are a powerful tool in helping develop confidence and self-esteem.