How to turn your frown upside down

We’ve all heard how moody young people can be, right? Well, is there a reason for this? This programme is designed to take a look into the minds of these young people and gain an understanding of why they are the way they are. Additionally, depression is very common in young people and this mental health issue often stays with the individual into adulthood. We want to teach young people how to manage their mood early on, so that they don’t have to digress further into this mental health issue. If we can work on teaching our young people these skills today, there will be fewer young adults with mental health issues tomorrow.

  • Psychoeducation – what is low mood? Why does my mood fluctuate? Is this normal?
  • What does it look like? – symptoms and behaviours
  • Do something.. just do it? – understanding that its not this easy to “just do it”
  • Interventions – behavioural activation
  • Tips and tricks – reflective reasoning
  • Relapse prevention