Feelings.. what feelings? Just get on with it.

Resilience is one of the most important skills a young person can have. Being able to bounce back from challenging situations would enable a young person to manage many difficulties that may come their way. Young people already have a busy schedule with school, homework, afterschool clubs, chores at home, as well as learning how to deal with social situations, finding themselves and learning how to be a child and an adult at the same time. Overall just learning how to balance school life, social life, home life, and their own emotions. All of this can prove to be extremely difficult – this is why we’ve created this programme to help young people learn how to bounce back from all these difficult situations.

o   Psychoeducation – What is resilience? What is emotional resilience?
o   My background – how do your values, culture, etc. play a role in your resilience – what can I do to maintain or improve it?
o   Reactive/impulsive – let’s take a look at why and work on how to slow it down
o   My circle – how to react to different people – boundaries (assertiveness/negotiation)
o   Using empathy to help direct your choices/decisions
o   Coping strategies
o   Maintenance/relapse prevention